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Property Management Services

Welcome to Brookfield Property Investments. We offer professional, comprehensive real estate investment services in a turn-key manner that minimizes your time investment and maximizes your financial return. Best of all, our expertise comes from our experience.

Whether you own a series of houses, office space, or large apartment complexes with hundreds of tenants, having a professional and skilled property manager makes the care and management of those properties easier and less stressful for the owner. However, property management is more then just fixing AC units and painting walls. A quality property manager helps to preserve or increase the value of a property while also acting as a liaison between the property owner and those interested in viewing the property. This makes property management services an ideal option for individuals or corporations who do not have the availability to manage the day to day activities or their spaces.

Contact us today if you have any of these needs:

  • Lack the time or skillset to properly maintain a property
  • The property owner wants a buffer between the renter and themselves
  • You are an absentee landlord, meaning you do not live at or visit the property often
  • Your property is enrolled in an affordable housing program and needs someone who understands federal guidelines
  • You desire a timely collection and deposit of rent
  • You need help finding tenants or managing existing tenants
  • Maximizing profits in terms of time and money


Brookfield Property Investments provides property management services for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. In Tennessee, property management companies must have a real estate broker’s license since leasing, renting, and collecting rent fall under real estate activities which are covered under existing Tennessee real estate licensing laws. However, there are exceptions namely if a manager of a residential property or properties has duties that are limited to supervision, showing rental properties, or leasing or collecting security deposits and rentals from the properties. In these instances, the property manager in question is legally unable to negotiate leases or the amount one pays on a security deposit or ren rates. 

For generations, residential real estate has been America's best investment opportunity for individual investorsWhen done right, investment properties can yield a steady cash flow while simultaneously building long-term equity that could be a significant addition to your retirement portfolio. Unfortunately, monitoring the market for the right deals and managing multiple properties takes time and effort, time and effort that busy, successful people like you just don't have. If you already own investment properties, you know how true that can be. For more information on how we can help you maximize the financial return on your property investment, contact us online or call us at 901-685-5585