Success Stories

Bob G. has purchased eight properties through Brookfield over the past five years. Here's what he has to say about his experience:

"It's been great. They're very honest. When I first started real estate investing, I lost money dealing with shysters. I was fed up with the whole thing and was ready to get out of it when a maintenance contractor referred me to Jeff Boone at Brookfield. I've been doing business with them ever since. They're good people, very honest. If they say they'll do something, it will get done."

Steve M. had experience with investment properties through other firms and on his own before coming to Brookfield:

"I know from experience that a property manager can rip you off blind if they want to, so you have to be careful. I now work exclusively with Brookfield because I know they have the utmost integrity. In my opinion, Jeff and Rocky Boone are the gold standard for integrity and good judgment."

Jeremy M. has acquired eleven investment properties through Brookfield in just two years:

"Brookfield is fantastic. They're so accessible. With most property management firms you never get to talk to the owners-these guys get back to me the same day. I get detailed management reports. And the investment properties they've found for us are nice properties that generate high rental revenues. Everything we put in at the beginning of the process has already been paid back, and the last property we bought was purchased with the cash flow from our other properties. So the whole thing is self-sustaining after only two years."