Frequently Asked Questions

Do you handle only residential real estate?

Yes. We believe that single-family rental property is the best overall investment for the individual investor, because it provides the best balance of solid returns and low risk. Click here for more about investing in real estate.

I've never invested in rental property before. How does it work?

Brookfield makes it easy! We'll meet with you to discuss your property investment goals. We'll then recommend properties to you from our extensive and ever-changing property listings. Once you've approved a purchase, we'll guide you through the closing, then manage the property for you. All you do is sit back and receive your checks! Click here for more about our turnkey approach to property management.

Aren't rental properties a constant headache?

They certainly can be. That's why a professional property management firm like Brookfield is the smart way to go. A firm like ours can more than pay for itself not only in the time we save you, but also by ensuring a quick transition to new tenants and by keeping the property in good condition to attract the highest possible rent. Click here for more about our turnkey approach to property management.

The guy on TV says I can buy real estate with no money down. Can you match that?

A "no money down" purchase sounds great, but it usually means that the down payment is being financed along with the rest of the cost. That means you start out with no equity in the property and pay interest on the down payment for decades, making it extremely unlikely that you will get a positive cash flow out of the deal. Besides, true "no money down" home purchases are extremely rare, and therefore not a solid foundation for an investment strategy.

If I buy through you, will the house be in my name or yours?

The investment property will be 100% in your name, purchased on your credit. We guide you through the home-buying process, then manage the property on your behalf.

Do you manage property for out-of-town investors?

Absolutely! Everything mentioned above can be handled remotely, including the purchase of your investment properties.

Can you offer me a guaranteed ROI?

No one can guarantee you a specific ROI on investment property, and you should be wary of anyone who acts like they can. Markets change, and there are many variables that affect property values. However, single-family rental properties offer a good balance of low risk and solid returns. You can improve your chances of getting the best possible ROI by engaging an experienced firm like Brookfield. Here's why.

What's this going to cost me?

This is the really exciting news! You pay us nothing out of pocket. Our property management fee is a percentage of the rental income generated by the property, so we don't make money until you make money. And unlike some other property management firms, we don't charge you when the property is empty, so we have a strong incentive to get your property rented and keep it rented!

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